lspci not detecting MLX 100G card, during second boot


we are facing serious issue, first time when we connect to machine lspci detecting 100G card. After reboot / Power cycle. The lspci is not showing mellanox.

We observed this behavior with 2 100G cards on different machines. we are using kernel 4.8.1 and RHEL 7.0 x86_64.

we have blocked for this issue. Please help us.

Please let me know if you need any other information



Hi Rama,

What is the server model and vendor?

Where is the card currently installed (PCI GEN & Width)?

Have you tried a different slot?

Is the BIOS version aligned to the latest version?

Do you see the card at the BIOS menu?

Any errors generated upon power on self test?

Have you review the /var/log/messages for errors?


Part numbers are :


we also tried with MLNX_OFED 4.0, but no use

Hi Rama,

Do you still need assistance?

I replied to your original inquiry but you did not respond.