LSPCI not detecting the WI-FI card on Jetson Nano when L1SS is Enabled

This is in continuation to the below ticket:

I have add the patch suggested by NVIDIA for enabling the L1SS and it is working as confirmed by NVIDIA engineer but we are seeing the below issue:
lspci not getting detecting network card after a soft reboot

I have added the info need by NVIDIA inline.

  1. Are you seeing reboot issue only if L1SS is enabled?
    [SIDDESH] : YES on disabling L1SS issue is not reproduceable.

  2. If yes, change aspm to performance , reboot & verify.

  3. Also, don’t do pci reset before reboot.
    echo “1” > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:01:00.0/reset → Don’t use this command.
    [SIDDESH] : Changed the aspm to performance and it reboot and issue it not reproduceable, I mean lspci is detecting the Wi-Fi card.

  4. Does NIC works properly in the first boot with L1SS enabled?
    [SIDDESH] : YES on First boot with L1SS enabled Wi-Fi card can detect using lspci.

  5. Instead of soft reboot, do cold reboot(shutdown completely & then power on) and share observations.
    [SIDDESH] : lspci detects the Wi-Fi card on cold reboot only on soft reboot it is not able to detect on soft boot.

Please do let us know the next step to fix this issue.

Please go through the below ticket to get know more info abt the issue and history.


Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks


Above answers points to WiFi card stuck in some low power state and not sending TS packets after reboot.
I believe in warm reboot, WiFi context as reset, only Tegra is going through reset. This can be because slot regulators are not off & W_DISABLE1 is not toggled during warm reboot.
Please check if something can be done on WiFi side. Basically it has to respond with TS packets when PERST# is deassert after reboot.


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