Lsusb nothing without type-c pd controller

We designed a xavier agx carrier board, with no type-c and type-c pd controller, two type-A USB(just host mode) . My problem is that lsusb is not listing the device. I modified somethind as follow:

  1. I disabled “typec-extcon” in dts file “tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi”
  2. remove the extcon related properties under xhci/xudc.

Did anyone have the same problem? please give some help . Thank you.

tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi (8.3 KB)

Please refer to the adaptation guide for modifying your usb device tree.

I’ve seen it several times, but it doesn’t help much. I’ve tried solutions from USB does not working on Jatson AGX Xavier ,but it also not work.

Then maybe you should share your dmesg but not just tell us something is not working. Without log , I cannot tell the error either.

dmesg.txt (61.2 KB)

Can you describe how many usb ports are on your board design? Do you have any port that is using otg function?

usb2-1\usb2-3 are host mode.


So you only have 2 SS ports on your board and no other ports have otg function? Just a type A here?

yet , only 2 USB-A (usb2-1+usb3-0 , usb2-3)

The cause is your dts is totally wrong.
Looks like though you read the adaptation guide, you didn’t read it carefully… please check the usb porting guide in the adaptation guide please…

You need to modify the usb dts to match your board. Currently, you enable some otg function and also 3 usb SS ports in the dts…