LTE connection (Quectel EC20) on Xavier NX


I have recently purchased a Xavier NX and would like use it outdoor so I need a cellular connection.
I have purchased a Quectel EC 20 and followed its instruction to modify and build the kernel for my NX - I have done 3.2 (USB Serial Driver) and 3.5 (QMI WWAN Driver) but unfortunately I can’t get it work.

When I do lsusb I can only see 2c7c:0125 but no name after the VID and PID.
I am wondering if anyone has successfully use NX with LTE.


Yes, I managed to use LTE modem Quectel EC25-E on Xavier NX. To do this, I used a combination of adapters to connect to the m2 key m. In this case, the modem is connected to the Xavier NX via USB 2.0. All modem functions were available without additional driver manipulations. And in lsusb it is really named as 2c7c:0125
However, there was a problem that I still cannot solve.
This combination of adapters works fine on my PC, but on Xavier NX it won’t recognize or turn on. As far as I understand, the adapter receives power via the m2 slot, and exchanges data via USB. For some reason (I think that the matter is in the specifics of NVME), the m2 slot on the Xavier NX does not supply power to the adapter (probably because the adapter is not an SSD device).
I would be very grateful if someone would tell me how to turn on the power to the adapter.
How did you connect Quectel EC 20 to Xavier NX?
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The power supply to slot is always on after system power up. You can probe that on board to confirm. There is reference schematic of dev kit carrier board in DLC for your reference. It looks more like a driver problem, not a hardware problem.