Lubuntu How save color correction and underclock settings?

I am an new Linux user using Lubuntu 20.04 64 bits and Geforce metapackage version 450.57 and GPU GT 640 GDDR5 1 GB.
The overclocking settings was enabled using coolbits=28.
In Nvidia X Server Settings PowerMIxer have options to overclock or underclock the graphics clock and memory transfer rate.
I underclock the graphics clock to -105 and memory transfer rate to -2000 to be less temperature in gpu processor and memory.
In VGA-0 Color Correction is configured Red color brightness to 0,120 and Green color brightness to 0,016.
Unhappily Nvidia X Server control panel not have option to change color temperature.

The problem is the settings in PowerMixer and color correction not are saved and need to configure allways when the system is started.
How to permanent save all settings ? If not is possible have any command line to configure the underclock and color corrections settings ?
Thanks for reply.