LUKS can not use

I use the version L4T 32.7.3
I have a encryped.img, it can be work in my PC
while I coye it to the TX2NX device
and try to use

sudo cryptsetup luksOpen encrypt.img encrypt --key-file encrypt.key

There is not find the device file in /dev/mapper/encrypt

So is there any problem about the cryptsetup ?

I don’t know much about LUKS, but a device appearing in “/dev” requires a driver to succeed. The files there are not real files, but instead exist in RAM and are a driver “pretending” to be a file. The first thing to check in such a case is if the driver is present. I don’t know what that driver is, but if you monitor logs via “dmesg --follow”, what new log lines do you see upon running that command? A comparison to the log lines in both the working PC and the Jetson will often give good clues.

Also, on the PC where this works, what do you see from “lsmod”?

I’m very sorry, it’s because I made a mistake in the version of LUKS

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