Lula Robot Description Editor bug with imported instanceable robot assets

When I import a robot from a custom urdf file using the URDF importer, with the “create instanceable assed” option enabled, the Lula Robot Description Editor gives the following error as soon as I choose the articulation from the list, and it does not work:

[Error] [omni.ui.python] IndexError: list index out of range

/isaac-sim/exts/omni.isaac.robot_description_editor/omni/isaac/robot_description_editor/ _on_select_sphere_gen_link
/isaac-sim/exts/omni.isaac.robot_description_editor/omni/isaac/robot_description_editor/ _refresh_sphere_gen_link_combobox
/isaac-sim/exts/omni.isaac.robot_description_editor/omni/isaac/robot_description_editor/ _on_selection
/isaac-sim/exts/omni.isaac.robot_description_editor/omni/isaac/robot_description_editor/ _on_combobox_selection

The same error does not happen if the “create instanceable assed” option is disabled. In both cased, the articulation inspector works.

Is this a bug, or is there something wrong with my robot asset?

Thank you in advance.

Note: same error also happens with the built-in instanceable Franka asset

@ozhanozen This appears to be a bug with the robot description editor. Thank you for reporting this.

Hi @arudich

Thank you for your answer. Is there a workaround for this currently? For example, would it work if I create both instanceable and non-instanceable robot assets, generate lula_configs from the non-instanceable one but use these configs with the instanceable robot asset in the simulation?

The file that is created by the Robot Description editor is completely independent of the USD file used to generate it. It is used as a config file in algorithms that don’t read the USD such as RMPflow of LulaKinematicsSolver. So if you create the robot description file with a non-instanceable asset, it will work just fine when used in conjunction with the instanceable asset.

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Ok then, I will do this as a workaround for the moment. Thanks a lot!

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