LUMEN RT For omniverse black screen

I have downloaded lumen RT trial for now, intending on buying it if the software works in transferring the simulation from synchro pro to Lumen RT for omniverse`.

The issue is that I getting a black screen in the viewport.

I haVing 48GB RTX 4090.`128 GB RAM AND INTEL i9 13900K

@civilengineer.hussain i am just another user here, but which OV app are you using and version for the app? also, do you have two 4090s? i was under the impression they are 24GB.


Yes 2 4090

what’s the display driver version for the 4090? and full transparency, i don’t use lumen RT, but here is the technical requirement in case it’s relevant to the black display viewport:

All the technical; requirements have been satisfied, and even all the drivers are up to date

could you upload the log (if there’s one) for further eval?

How to find the log ?

see if there is a console tab. if there is, look for a folder icon near top left corner in the tab window.

kit_20231024_133414.log (1.2 MB)

i am seeing quite a lot of warning messages pertaining to the environment content/procedrual sky in the scene. here are two questions: are you behind a firewall or sorts? do you mind taking a screenshot of what you are seeing inside the app?

out of curiosity- have you already set up a neucleus server (presumably a localhost) via the OV Launcher? and do you have any issues opening any of the templates (from the environment tab)?

Actually its a blank screen, even though it opens

sounds like it’s either no localhost was set up, firewall is blocking the connection to content, or both. can you take a screenshot of the Nucleus tab of your OV Launcher?

try creating a basic mesh prim in the viewport and see if the viewport is working

its just blank

consider adding nucleus service and a localhost first. if you don’t know how, watch this video:

did it still viewport is blank

You say you have two 4090s ? If so can you disable one of the cards first in the Device Manager and try that please. Just to test. Second, can you download USD Composer, the latest version and test that out. Then at least we know if it just this app or rtx wide.