Lutris Ubisoft Connect Crash NVIDIA Drivers on X11 only --SEGMENTATION FAULT--

nvidia xid errors, running Lutris applications (Ubisoft Connect on runner: wine-GE-8-26-x86-x64) causes segmentation fault and crashes all x11. Also note I’m rather new to Nobara Linux and Linux in general.

logs.txt (2.2 MB)

This fixed it for me, from a Reddit post, hopefully it helps you as well:

Since you’re using Lutris, you can Configure the Ubisoft Connect or game entry, and in the System options tab (I think, might be Runner or Game Options) there should be a DLL Overrides section. Click Add, then write (without the quotes) “libglesv2.dll” on the left side and “d” on the right side.

For someone using Wine directly, this would be an environment variable before the command (I think, might be a parameter, haven’t used terminal much lately), like this for example:
WINEDLLOVERRIDES=“libglesv2.dll=d” wine /path/to/executable

Apparently Ubisoft Connect is now using Electron and it doesn’t play well with Wine.

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Just to add the credits/sources, the Reddit comments on the post that I got this from:

And the GitHub gist mentioned in them:

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