Luxurious Penthouse - Archviz animation

Hi all,
just wanted to share with you a work-in-progress animation we are working at the moment. It will be the the 3rd archviz animation with Omniverse I do.
It is a highend luxiorious penthouse on in NYC.

What I am planning to add to it is.

  • Animated sky with texture animation
  • Fireplace animation made directly in Omniverse
  • Add animated plants on the balcony
  • Add animated curtain
  • Add subtle camera movement noise to make it more realistic

It is still missing a lot of material work / objects.
Looking forward to your feedback!


Really great animation, nice work!

Thank you @smisiurek ! I will publish the final animation soon!!!

this is cool. was it all rendered on a single machine?


Hi everybody,
I am pleased to present you the much more final version of the penthouse animation we did with Omniverse Create. Rendered with RTX 3090.

The feature that suprised me the most in this project was an amazing performance and easy of use of Omniverse Flow!!! Can’t wait to do more of that!

Have a great day!

Hi @Simplychenable preview above was rendered on a single RTX 3090 machine for around 12h I’d say. The final one was rendered on 4 machines with single RTX 3090 over 2 days

This is fantastic. How is it possible to learn archviz with Omniverse? I can’t find any tutorial or help.

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Hi! Thank you very much! There aren’t many archviz specific tutorials for USD Composer around indeed.
My process was basically to apply all the lighting skills I learned doing archviz with Maya + V-Ray and translate them to USD Composer, creating lighting in real time is such a pleasure comparing to offline renderers. The biggest challenge was to convert all the assets to .usd and re-create the materials in USD Composer.

best of luck!

Very talented you are!!!

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