LVDS Intel 24.1 single channel format

I’ve successfully changed panel-c-lvds-1366-14.c, sor.c, and sor_regs.h (thanks WayneWWW!) to get my LVDS LCD running connected to the Toradex Apalis TK1 board. I don’t believe the data format is what I need however. I’d like to change it to the Intel 24.1 format but I’m lost trying to figure out what files and what changes are needed.

Thanks for any help.

I am curious…what is the Intel 24.1 format?

Page 1861 of the Tegra K1 TRM lists LVDS possible settings. One of them is Intel 24.0/24.1 single channel format. It specifies the order and LVDS lanes for rgb bits. This paper describes the two data formats

Hi eric63,

Sorry that I am still investigating the configuration…

Hi WayneWWW.

Thanks. With help from Toradex we’ve determined that setting the RODAT bitfield in SOR_NV_PDISP_SOR_LVDS_0 (section 24.6.23 of the TRM) to 6 works. There is code in sor.c that is wrapped with #if 0 which needs to be included but, as it is written, contradicts the lane4 patch from our previous thread. (the “conforming” boolean)

We have it working at the moment. I would be interested if there is more configurable solution in the future.

Thanks for you help!