LVDS + RGB888 display format support

we want to interface LCD supporting RGB888 format to tegra k1 LVDS port. As per tegra k1 datasheet, display controller supports RGB888 format on LVDS display port. RGB data will be transferred in LVDS before sending to tegra k1.

Our question is does nvidia BSP L4T 21.4 supports LVDS + RGB888 format or not ?

BSP Document “Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_SW_Features_R21.4.pdf” does not mentions about LVDS or RGB888 format for display.

I don’t know how “complete” this answer is, but although TK1 has hardware features for LVDS I believe any BSP would be designed around eDP only. If your display is accessible as eDP interface you’re probably in luck…else you probably have a lot of work ahead.

LVDS is not supported on Jetson TK1 software, an update to R21 for TK1 is planned for Q1 16.
Once any clear status of new features, I will share with you.


thanks kaycc for confirmation