nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (321.7 KB)

Hi, hope this is the right forum to ask.
I would like to learn lwjgl but can not start the openGl hello world, but starting glxgears via terminal works
Description : GLX: No GLXFBConfigs returned”

any idea how to fix the glx problem?

I’m not an Linux expert(yet) and not an graphics expert, so sorry for the silly questions

my system is Linux mint 20.3 Cinamon
graphics card 2060 8gb(non super)

I’m not sure what the problem is, but I know that lwjgl examples starts if I uninstall the nvidia drivers and it falls back to mesa,( but the performance is really bad)
so could be something with the drivers

I asked also 5 days ago in stackoverflow with 0 answers after 5 days

no ideas what could be wrong?
~$ sudo glxinfo | grep “GLX version”
GLX version: 1.4

root cause was broken IntelliJ installation via flatpak
and not driver issue