M.2 Embedded Cellular Modem on Xavier

I have found an M.2 cellular modem that would connect to the Jetson; however, it needs the SIM card to be connected to the Host computer (i.e. the Xavier). Does anyone know how to connect a SIM card to the Xavier?

Module: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/sierra-wireless-airlink/EM7455_1103582/1719-1004-ND/9557940

I want to leave this here for anyone else that was wondering how to use an M.2 (NGFF) Cellular Modem.


If you embed a cellular module into another device, that device (i.e. the Jetson device) must also be certified, which takes time and is costly.

Two Options

1. USB Dongle for Low Bandwidth
2. Cellular Gateway/Router for high bandwidth