M.2 Nvme UPHY Lane config

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on this table in design guide. it says “No mixing for configuration”

But on reference design, it use diffrent UPHY

Do I found something wrong? or Dev kit is is just dev kit?

Also I wonder diffrence between UPHY CLK and PEX CLK, I can’t find description about it.

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Regard Bongjin,

Sorry that I don’t understand your quesiton… Your picture does not use mix up UPHY config.

UPHY config means that UPHY could be switched between USB/PCIe and MGBE.

“No mixing for configuration” means you cannot pick UPHY2_lane 4~7 to be MGBE (C0~C3) from config #3 while you also want UPHY0 lane6,7 to be PCIe (from either config#1 or #2).

I undestand that comment " No mixing ~"

I wonder, Is which configuration used in evaluation kit?

As i know there is one MGBE, so I guess it must be config #1 , But it use UPHY 4,5,10,11 for M.2 Nvme. Which is not configured in PCI bus on config #1

It is config #1. You should read the lane number in the left hand side. It is UPHY0, 4,5,6,7.

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