M.2 Type B LTE Modems on Jetson TX 2 ??

Good afternoon fellow Jetson fans.

We are looking at developing products on the Jetson TX2 board for vehicles due to it including CAN interfaces vs TX1.

Question: Has anyone successfully attached USA 4G/LTE modems to these? I’ve been looking at the forums here and it appears that there is significant challenges due to the M.2 Type B requirement. Looking at what modems work and how they are attached. Not interested in using the USB port option.

Please advise if this challenge has been resolved somehow.

Thank you.

I’ve not added anything to that slot other than an ethernet card. However, be careful to note that M.2 comes in a variety of “keys”. This particular slot, for the developer carrier board, is “key m”. If your board is saying it is “key b”, then it won’t work (not sure what the Type B is, but it probably is the key slot designation). Some information on different key designations: