M.2pcie cannot be cut

Probably the problem we have now is that the code type cannot be modified during the PCIE test
Looks like our motherboard can’t get into PCIe compliance


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What NVIDIA product or SDK are you referring to? I will move this topic to the proper forum once you provide the info.


For edge scenarios with high AI computing power requirements, PAS machine developed based on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin platform,There are three m.2pcie modules on the mainboard,When we performed pcie conformance test, gen2 did not cut gen3.
The system is Ubuntu.

Thanks, I will move this to the Jetson forums.

We have AGX Orin developer kit as the reference design. And please check if you follow the product design guide to design the custom board. It is supposed to work fine if you follow the design guide.

I referred to 《Jetson AGX Orin Series Tuning and Compliance Guide Application Note -DA-11040-001_v1.2.pdf》
There are instructions on pcie conformance test in it. After testing according to the instructions, pcie2.0 cannot be switched to pcie3.0. Hope you can have the instructions in this regard,
thank you

We need to replicate the phenomenon and check further. There are x16, M2 Key E, M2 Key M slots on developer kit. Please try to replicate it with either slot, and share us the steps. So that we can set up developer kit and check.

Our test steps are as follows:
Connect the test jig to the M2key E, tx and clk to the Tektronix 32G oscilloscope, and then rx to the signal generator, and use the signal generator to give rx a sine wave to switch gen1 to gen2, but gen2 can not switch to gem3