M10-8A vGPU profile and resolution

The Tesla M10 vGPU types table at http://docs.nvidia.com/grid/latest/pdf/grid-vgpu-user-guide.pdf shows the following information for the M10-8A vGPU profile:

Frame Buffer: 8192MB
Virtual Display Heads: 1
Max. Resolution Per Display Head: 1280x1024
Max. vGPUs per GPU: 1
Max. vGPUs per Board: 4

Regarding the “Max. Resolution Per Display Head: 1280x1024”. Does this mean that a published desktop or application session windows can only be run in 1280x1024? Or that the user connecting to Citrix can only have one monitor/screen running at a 1280x1024 resolution? I’m confused about this.

The documentation says something about this, but I’m still a bit confused: “A-series GRID vGPUs support a single display at low resolution because they are intended to support remote application environments such as RDSH and Xenapp. In these environments, virtualized applications are typically rendered in an off-screen buffer. Therefore, the maximum resolution for the A-series GRID vGPUs is independent of the maximum resolution of the display head.”

Thank you.


for sure this is not a restriction for the RDSH/XenApp session. So you’re able to use the resolution that Citrix can provide.



Hi Simon,

Thank you for your input. Do you know what the "Max. Resolution Per Display Head: 1280x1024" statement actually means then? :)


Sure :)
We restrict the resolution on a console session so that the A profile is not accidently used instead of a B profile…