M10 for 3D Applications


According to nvidia vgpu user guide, we can use m10 GPU for vWS profile. nvidia recommends m60 for 3D applications but there are m60-xQ and m10-xQ vGPU type in that user guide and both have same details. In this case, Why nvidia does not recommend using m10 for 3D applications such as SolidWorks, catia and autocad?


Hi mecit,

the reason is the pure rendering performance of the board. M10 is a 4xGM107 (Maxwell Gen1 with 640 CUDA cores) where M60 is 2xGM204 (Maxwell Gen2 with 2048 CUDA cores) so you can imagine that especially 3D applications like Solidworks perform much better on M60 and therefore there recommendation is to use M60. Feel free to test M10 to see if the performance would be sufficient for your specific use case.