M60 set to graphicsmode but still show compute


I have one M60 in Xenserver 7.2, I have set to gpugraphics (I have done same to a few xenserver system before which are working fine). However, this particular one seems to be stuck in compute mode, shown in Nvidia Utility. I’m doing GPU Passthrough and windows 2016 LSTB, and the 3D performance is very bad.

Unable to link image directly.

And how do you know that the M60 is still in compute mode when gpumodeswitch shows graphics mode?
You should use lspci command to check for graphics mode on hypervisor level.

Did you try to use the gpumodeswitch from the boot cd?

the 3d performance was slow, that’s why I suspected it is in compute mode. But after some testing, I used the telsa driver from public nvidia site, that is causing the problem. I switched back to older driver I gotten from nvidia portal, and its working. Thanks and merry christmas!