MAC Address not read from SOM eeprom

while working with the Xavier NX MMC SOM on our custom board I recognized that the mac adress is set randomly.
Following error shows up on bootup:
eqos 2490000.ether_qos (unnamed net_device) (uninitialized): ether-mac read from DT failed -99
It looks like the SOM can not read its own eeprom, when trying to read i2c on address 0x50 I only get timeouts:

sudo i2cdump -y 0 0x50
No size specified (using byte-data access)
     0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  a  b  c  d  e  f    0123456789abcdef
00: ^C[ 1185.882925] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: pio timed out addr: 0x50 tlen:28 rlen:4
[ 1185.883198] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: --- register dump for debugging ----
[ 1185.883339] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_CNFG - 0x22c00
[ 1185.883530] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_PACKET_TRANSFER_STATUS - 0x10001
[ 1185.883674] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_FIFO_CONTROL - 0x0
[ 1185.883786] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_FIFO_STATUS - 0x800080
[ 1185.883911] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_MST_FIFO_CONTROL - 0x70000
[ 1185.884095] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_MST_FIFO_STATUS - 0x7c0000
[ 1185.884230] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_MST_PACKET_TRANSFER_CNT - 0x0
[ 1185.884365] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_INT_MASK - 0x7d
[ 1185.884469] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: I2C_INT_STATUS - 0x2
[ 1185.884585] tegra-i2c 3160000.i2c: i2c transfer timed out addr: 0x50

I have not changed pinmux or dtb in regards to 3160000. Any idea how to get the correct mac address?
Thank you

Is same module able to get eeprom when it is on devkit?

Good question let me check

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Is this still an issue to support?

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