Mac CUDA Before Vista, Are you kidding?

Honestly while waiting for the last 12months for Nvidia’s excuses of “It’s coming next release” i now see that Nvidia unveils CUDA for MacOSX, before Vista…

I’m sure the vast majority of your 8xxx series users are PC based, and many more stuck with new machines with lack of Nvidia CUDA support under Vista…
It’s just a joke and is insulting to the widespread Nvidia supporting customers.

I dare you to look at your userbase requests and tell me if more developers have been waiting for Mac or Vista support…

Pppphhhtt, a complete Joke, Nvidia should not be able to advertise CUDA support for “Windows” Becuase it’s a completey misleading term for it… Priorities seem really hard for Nvidia to grasp on this one.

I don’t use Cuda, but I think Linux is free? And pretty easy to use… if your doing Cuda, you can figure out Linux :)

I’m sure the problem is not that they don’t want to support Vista, but as I’ve heard from other driver developers the driver model in vista is really convoluted, making it hard to do even the simplest things. Especially if you want to provide something that MS hasn’t intended, such as a custom API like CUDA.

So blame MS for this one.

Hey I’m new here but I have a good theory why this is happening, odds are Nvidia does not want to release a new sdk right now because Vista SP1 and DX 10.1 are just around the corner, along with I’m pretty sure they are considering Visual Studio 2008 support. Those reasons combined make for my reasoning that they just don’t want to release a sdk that will be outdated the same month, it’s not a matter of priority so much as timing probably.

There are no current plans to support Visual Studio 2008 in the next CUDA release.

Well that bites but at least now we know.

Vista is still on-track for this upcoming release.
Visual Studio 2008 will be supported in a subsequent release later in the year.