[Mac Lion]Still HDMI-DVI overscan problem isn't fixed on MAC

I have a ViewSonic Vx2835wm monitor and had this issue on Windows with 19x drivers and was fixed later on 2xx drivers. The problem i’m facing is a overscan issue and this even mentioned on Nvidia driver manual.pdf. I connected my MacBook Pro running lion to this monitor and i get the same Overscan issue i was facing with Windows 7 in the past. Can you please release a new driver to rectify this. My office has many Viewsonic monitors with HDMI as input. Please fix it to treat it as a DVI connection. Thank you. I was running Snow Leopard and had same issue i was patient till Lion and you people haven’t fixed it yet.

I’ll file a bug but not sure how much can be done on this since it is on a Mac. For reference, what is your exact system model and GPU? The problem here is that the monitor is incorrectly treating the graphics card as a set top device and overscanning the video signal. We’ve spoken to Viewsonic and then to the actual makers of the panels used in this monitor and there are no plans for providing a firmware fix for this issue on their end.

Ok Sir please do file a Bug.I use MacBook pro 2010 with the minidisplayport dvi adapter. I even bought hdmi adapter still facing the same win 7 issue. This is also causing problems with my office mac pro with Qaudro 4000 gpu. Honestly the support at Apple forums and support at customer care got no idea and I did a lot of googling and knew nvidia is aware of this issue. My MacBook problem is not a issue but the quadro in mac pro is a serious issue and need to be fixed soon. Thank you

Sorry forgot to mention MacBook gpu. It’s geforce 320M