Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Preview 4 with NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac works fine

I just installed Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Preview 4 with the NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac video card and it’s working really well, a little bit faster than 10.6.8, I’ve noticed the drivers are much newer than the latest release 256.01.00f03, I checked them in System Profiler and they are version 270.05.05f01, check the attached file. I installed the latest CUDA 4.0.17 but I get a warning message in the System Preferences CUDA applet “Update Required”, please check the second file attached. Nonetheless Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is working fine with GPU acceleration, any other experience with Lion and Quadro 4000 ?, thanks


The NVIDIA driver 256.01.00f03 for the Quadro 4000 for Mac which was recently made available contains a lot of driver optimizations. User who upgrade to 10.6.8 and install this driver should see a big jump in overall performance.

The problem is that the new driver breaks CUDA functionality with Adobe Premiere CS5.5, so you cannot use the Mercury Engine GPU accelerated functionality, you have to go back to the old driver from March to continue using CUDA with Mac OS X 10.6.8

ManuelG - can you confirm if the driver issue, SL 10.6.8, and Premiere has been resolved?

I’m getting the same problem: The new driver+10.6.8 breaks CUDA functionality with Adobe Premiere CS5.5. There’s another thread on this… first time I’ve heard there’s a workaround by installing the March driver… Found it, but on install I get: “No Driver Update Needed” How can I roll back?? Hopefully there will be an update soon to fix this break for Premiere users. Thanks.

For the March driver open the package and there will be 3 packages inside, install each of them, reboot and you will be back in business

Hi there,
What Mac Pro model do you have? and what OpenGL are you getting in your system. There is an application called OpenGL Extension Viewer and it shows you the OpenGL capability of your card and this changes with operating system, for instance I had 2.1 with Snow Leopard and 4.1 with Bootcamp of Snow Leopard / Windows 7 x64. However my After Effects shows 3.0 under Windows and the same 2.1 under Snow Leopard. BTW I have a Mac Pro 3,1.


I am having the same CUDA issue, where it says it needs an update, but I am running the GTX 285, but I am having Premiere Pro Problems. I can’t get it to boot properly. It crashes as soon as I open it, and the crash log makes it look like it is a video card issue.

There is a new CUDA driver for Lion, 4.0.21.
if you go to system preferences and click on the CUDA one, it should upgrade the driver.

Developer Drivers (4.0.21) for Lion support have also been posted to our developer site.

What Display card driver and Cuda driver do you all suggest if you haven’t moved to 10.6.8? I am on 10.6.7, and with all the problems 10.6.8 is causing, plan to stay there. I have a Mid 2010 Mac Pro 5.1 (latest) Hexacore Westmere 3.33 Ghz with Mac GTX 285 EVGA ready to install. Radeon 5870 at present. Both Premiere 5.0.4 and 5.5. Is the March release the best for this combo, both for display and Cuda? Please be as specific as possible.


Can somebody plz help me?

Iinstalled my Quadro 4000 for Mac, but i don’t see anything. Monitor stay’s in sleep mode.
If I change to old video card the i see the screen.

Anyone knows how i can solve this.

Modelnaam: Mac Pro
Modelaanduiding: MacPro3,1
Processornaam: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Processorsnelheid: 2,8 GHz
Aantal processors: 2
Totale aantal cores: 8
L2-cache (per processor): 12 MB
Geheugen: 8 GB
Bussnelheid: 1,6 GHz