Mac Pro Hi Fan Speed

Hello All,

This has already been discussed but without a proper solution. First let me explain my configuration: Mac Pro 12 core 2.93 GHz, 32 GB RAM, ATI 5870 Slot 1 and a PNY Quadro 4000 in slot 2.

After powering up the computer the fan speed of the expansion slot goes up to 2000 RPM. This drives me crazy.

But after stressing the card in DaVinci Resolve 8 the fan goes back down to its normal RPM which is around 800/900. This is so weird that you have to use the card before the fan goes down. Normally you would think it’s the other way around.

After I have done the initial stressing of the CUDA power everything works fine and very quiet.

This must be a big problem with the driver.

Is there any solution to this? This is just when the computer was powered off completely after a restart everything is normal.

Thanks so much for your time.

Try resetting the Mac’s SMU. Google it on