Mac Ubuntu VM recognize JetsonTX2 as AGX Xavier

Hi there,
I just got an NVIDIA JetsonTX2 and want to set it up.
I am trying to follow this instruction.
I installed Oracle Virtualbox6.0 on my Macbook and also installed Ubuntu18 on it. Then I got the JetsonTX2 kit into the Forced Recovery Model and everything looks so far so good.
However, when I ran the jetpack on the host (the Ubuntu VM on my Mac), it somehow only recognize the AGX Xavier Development kit instead of the Jetson Tx2. AGX was the only option displayed in the installer and I am wondering should I even proceed with the installation.

Here are my questions:

  1. Did I use the wrong installer? why there is only one option instead of displaying AGX, JetsonTx1, Tx2 …etc.
  2. If that is the case, shall I proceed with the installation and will that mess up the board?


What JetPack version were you using? The newest for a TX2 is JetPack3.3, which flashes L4T R28.2.1.

Sorry about that, I used JetPack4.1 which is designed for AGX only. Should have read the documentation better.
After using JetPack3.3, it works like a charm.