Machine Learning Libraries missing in $PATH

I would like to try the started ML procedure, but after what appears to be a successful install, I do not see any of those libraries in my path. The current PATH looks like this in my account’s .bashrc:

$ echo $PATH

What should it look like and can I just manually set it to be what it is supposed to be?
Thanks in advance.


What kind of library do you want to use?

I’m trying to run the classification sample routine like but it says it cannot find the associated libraries.
What should the Path environment variable look like if all is set up correctly? ANd now I cannot find in the documents even where the sample classification code is. Could you please provide some clearer instructions in that regard? How do I know if the Jetpack is properlty installed?

I finally got that script working. The file permissions were wrong, for starters. But now, where do I go to run the classification tests? (There is still no library at all in $PATH).

OK, got the jetson-inference downloaded, built and working on test images. Maybe there’s no additional PATH piece needed for it?


Do you mean the of cuDNN.

You don’t need to install any extra library to execute the sample.
All the requirement have included into the sdkmanager.

But please noticed that you will need to keep the sample at /usr/src/ to avoid the missing path issue.