Machinima 2022.2 now available

Omniverse Machinima enables real-time collaboration to animate and manipulate characters along with their environments inside of virtual worlds. In version 2022.2, currently in beta, users can take advantage of all the new features that come with Create 2022.2, plus additional Omniverse extensions and top-tier game content which allow the generation of amazing content with speed and power.

Introducing Audio2Gesture.

New to Machinima is an addition to the digital human suite of tools with the introduction of Audio2Gesture. Audio2gesture is built upon a neural network trained to generate body motion that is derived entirely from an audio source. A2G can be run in Machinima as an “Offline pipeline” that can be re-targeted to your own character and outputs usdskel anim clips to be composed in the sequencer. Or it can be run with the Streaming Audio pipeline for use with runtime Speech generation solutions.


Audio2Gesture Tutorial series.

Audio2Gesture - Part 1: Introduction

Audio2Gesture - Part 2: Offline Pipeline and Creating a Scene with the Sequencer

Audio2Gesture - Part 3: Streaming Pipeline and Integration with Animation Graph


Release Notes — Omniverse Machinima documentation

Audio2gesture — Omniverse Machinima documentation

Release Notes

Please note: The old animation data type from the “Keyframer” tool will no longer be supported with upcoming releases built on kit 105.


  • Update to kit version 103.5


  • Add - Mouse navigation in Sequencer. Middle mouse click+drag to pan. Ctrl+Mouse wheel to zoom.
  • Add - Drag and Drop support to rearrange Tracks.
  • Add - support for audio trimming in Sequencer.
  • Add - Sequencer now draws invisible clips and tracks gray to indicate they are not active.
  • Fix - Clip handles missing after resizing sequencer range.
  • Fix - SkelAnim Breaks when added to sequencer.


  • Add - omni.anim.curve 103.7.14
  • Add - Updated UI Icon size for better legibility.
  • Add - Improved colour scheme and legibility of curves in graph.
  • Fix - Fixed issue where incorrect Rotation order was applied to cameras that were “created from view”.
  • Fix - Fixed issue where animating a camera from a 1st person perspective created bad transform values.
  • Fix - Time slider cannot go beyond the set time range with the previous frame button click.
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Hey, I tested rendering in RTX real-time with CC4 character.

Speed is very slow with this new realease:

Old 2022.1.3 is so much faster:

This has nothing to do with audio 2 gesture :)
All animation comes from iclone8.