Machinima 2022.3.0 will not run on AWS

Hey, I followed this tutorial few days ago:

It was a success, thanks!!
But as I installed Machinima 2022.3.0 ( ok installation no errors )
and booted it up, it stucks at 99% of loading some texture or light icons…

It never boots up.
Other earlier versions do work there ok, but not the latest.

How can we investigate this issue?
Are you already aware of it?

Pekka Varis

Hello @pekka.varis! I’m not exactly sure how to test this, so I am going to ask you to zip and send me your full logs, usually found here: C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs and I will have the Machinima team and probably the Nucleus team look into this!


Here you have the logs: (3.1 MB)

And here is a video about it:
First you see Create is working ok with these 4 GPUs.
6.23 I boot machinima 2022.3.0

You can see it is stucked forever ( I waited for 45 min! ) at

At the very end you see me making the zip file of the logs folder :)
I hope you can now solve what this is.


Thank you @pekka.varis! I’ve sent this over to the dev team to evaluate!

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A development ticket was created from this post. OM-80764: Machinima 2022.3.0 will not run on AWS

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Small update. In 4 GPU setup at AWS, Machinima 22.3.0 boots up but cannot load in the scene, it crashes before.

Update again, at another render farm, that has worked great before, now the Machinima 22.3.0 cannot boot up with 4 x A4000 GPU machine.

It stucks the same way as above image show. 98%