Machinima cannot import Nvidia sample material

There are nice materials on omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Materials/Base/
but if I try to drag any of the *.mdl materials in my Machinima scene, I get this error:

In the Create I can easily drop these materials on my objects.
Why this does not work in Machinima?

When I try to use the workaround ( apply material in Create, save the USD and then import that USD to Machinima ) it does not import the material:

The plane with sand material stays in “red state” forever.

Hey Pekka hate to ask again, but if you could attach a log from Machinima that might help us track this one down too.

I solved this by re-installing my Win 10.
I had made some video editing workstation optimizations and they must have been the reason. Now I can easily drop the Nvidia sample materials to my objects.

YAY! Glad you got this sorted out. :)