Machinima learning path?


I’m very new to omniverse and jumped into the beta for machinima but to be honest I’m pretty overwhelmed even with the machinima tutorials. I feel like I’m missing a lot of information or maybe this isn’t really meant for people who haven’t done this kind of thing before.

Is there like a recommended learning path for omniverse / machinima? Even if it means learning things outside of the actual program or tools.

A great place to start is the video series we have on Machinima. This is the first video in the series: Tools Overview Part 1: Overview of NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima - YouTube

it is very easy to use and learn. There are naturally some glitches in workflow cos we are in beta but every important thing that I have asked has been solved by nvidia people in few days delay max.

How could I put it in a nutshell:

  1. watch the machinima videos linked above made by Dane, and then rest 4 of them too:
    Playlist | Machinima | NVIDIA On-Demand

Then you know what this machinima is about: connecting / importing stuff from other software like Character Creator 3.4

  1. install Character Creator 3.4 Pipeline trial and make your character and export it to USD with Omniverse Character Creator Connector ( you have to install this too).

  2. when you export your character, you can embedd in it also multiple motions ( animations ) from here:

Wow.Now you have state of the art moving character in Machinima, now you maybe want to learn how use that camera :D so check out again that:

This is just my wild guess how you could enjoy your learning. How do you feel about this mfowler11 ?

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Sounds good, thanks Pekka. I will try and follow this along :).

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mfowler11, all good on this?

Also note, I’ll be doing another Twitch stream this Thursday (which I believe will also be recorded!), it should be on the schedule shortly.

I’ll make sure to spend some time on some basics this time around to give a full workflow. Thanks for trying out Machinima!

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