Machinima loses timeline when opening USD

I made this nice scene with Create.
Now I try to open it but when it opens to Machinima the timeline disappears!


What could this be?

So this was some kind of corruption in USD file, maybe cos I build it in Create… Maybe cos there was objects from UE marketplace converted to USD with Omniverse UE Connector.

Anyway, Now I found a way to save most important job I did:

Solution was to delete all these “risky” 3rd party elements and just import this new cleaned out version as USD. Then I opened Machinima and just dragged this cleaned USD file to my Viewport. Voila, timeline is back!

@pekka.varis I’m guessing that this might be happening because the End Time for this USD might be set to zero.
Can you make sure that you have the Timeline enabled in th UI:


And then check the End Time value in the Timeline (you can hover your mouse over the Sequencer if it’s autohid itself):

If the End Time = 0 (the same as the Begin Time), then the Sequencer currently won’t display any frames. To change the End Time, just double-click on the field and enter a non-zero number.

Hope this works for you!

Excellent Johnny! It fixed the issue, timeline appeared again!

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