Machinima Roadmap

Welcome to the Roadmap for Omniverse Machinima! We will occasionally update this post with new roadmap items as we tweak where this tool will go based on your feedback.

2021.2 (End of August)

  • New Features
    • Reshade animation in sequencer
    • Sequencer multi-select/drag
    • Sequencer speed & workflow improvements
    • Improved camera + sequencer interactions
    • Additional animation properties (Looping, slomo)
    • KIT 102 features including many RTX rendering improvements!
    • Updated Wrnch Extension with IP input & new mapping files
    • NEW Keyframer extension to allow you to animate primitives with a GUI
    • Focus Distance button for Camera tool

2021.3 (~October)

  • New Features
    • Camera based facial capture for facial animation
    • Curve editor
    • Full Audio/Video sequencer capture
    • Camera runtime tools such as target following, rigs, and shakes
    • XR camera support
    • Retargeting for animation
    • Kit 103