Machinima sequencer doesn't work

Version : 2022.1.3 beta
GPU: RTX 2070

Hi I’ve tried to follow this demo Getting Started: #MadeInMachinima Contest - YouTube to drag a actor to the sequencer and drag a motion to the sequencer.

However, while dragging the actor (Aserial_Infantry) from layer panel to sequencer, I don’t see any thing popped up in the sequencer, please refer to the following screenshots:

Expected result

Have I missed out anything?

I am not familiar yet with layers, I know what they are for…

So if you drag this from stage to timeline, then it works, right?

Hello @lzlallen1980! I’ve asked the dev team to take a look at this post. In the meantime, take a look at our documentation on the Sequencer. Also, here is more information regarding Layers.

I’m not 100% sure because I can’t see the frame range widget at the bottom of the sequencer - but this looks like what you would get if your stage range is 0 length - i.e. the startTime and endTime of your stage is the same.


Yes, drag from the stage tab, not the layer tab.

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