Machinima Universe

Hi everyone, I don’t have Omniverse on my computer at this time because it doesn’t meet the required specs, but I will make sure that the next one does! As Omniverse is being targetted at the machinima community I thought I would let you know about a new machinima website I have just started called “Machinima Universe”. You can find it here,

Machinima Universe

I’m really excited with what I have seen of Omniverse so far and have given it several mentions on the website, including the developer wiki and links to tutorials etc. If you would like to showcase any of your Omniverse work on the website you would be more than welcome, or if you are just interested in machinima in general please come and have a look as well.

Thanks for listening,



Hello @dxvid55! Thanks for sharing this with the community! We share the same passion for Machinima and love that you are sharing Omniverse with your community!

You mentioned that your current computer is not up to specs to run Omniverse Machinima, so I wanted to mention that we are working on a Cloud version where you will be able to use Omniverse from any device, anywhere! Here is a link for more information: Omniverse Cloud Platform | NVIDIA

I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your site! Let us know when you have a chance to use Omniverse to create your own Machinima movies! We would love to see your work!

That’s great news Wendy. I’ll put a news item on the site and keep an eye out for when it’s ready.