Machinima Won't open

When I open Machinima, it opens, the screen goes white and then the app closes. Can anyone help me get this working?


kit_20220415_103325.log (1.2 MB)

Here is my log file. Thanks in advance.

OMG! I’ve been trying for weeks. Finally discovered that for some unknown reason, it won’t work if I have my storage other than C:/ !!! UGH! I had it as my D: drive but no joy.

Hi @mjrpph! Yes, that is correct, we only support the C drive at the moment. Are you able to open Machinima now that you have switched drives?

I’m finally able to open it. There should be a blatant disclaimer saying not to install it on anything other than C when you install it. That was driving me NUTS!
Now I have a new issue where it is not creating Hydra. It seems the D drive is still in there somewhere but I don’t know where to change it.
kit_20220420_160421.log (1.7 MB)

Ok after using the Cache flush and restarting my computer and having everything on C: I’m FINALLY able to get this working! I’m so excited!