MacOS OpenACC GPU drop in 17.1


I was wondering what was the reason for the dropping of OpenACC (or any GPU code) for MacOS?

I know many peopel who only use macs who can now not use OpenACC for their GPUs.

Previously, only OpenACC for AMD cards was not supported in MacOS (which was a big bummer on its own) but now, ALL GPUs are not supported.

Why was this? Is it a MAC driver issue?

If it is Apple’s “fault” what would a user request of them to do to allow PGI to support GPUs on Macs in the future?

We don’t have a good answer for you, other than develop with
-acc -ta=multicore on OS X, and then rebuild and execute on a different
system with GPUs, like Linux.

Apple Macs are no longer good platforms for developing code that
a)not using Apple software
b)non-Apple hardware.

A decision was made that OS X GPU sales did not justify the effort required.
It was not made because of AMD’s relation to Apple.