Macro error . It is very weird. Help from all cuda guys.

I compile a project and it runs pretty well. I just add one more function. And I do not think there are any errors in this function by far. However, when I try to make the executable program, it report this error:

error: unterminated argument list invoking macro “cutilSafeCall”

It is very weird because cutilSafeCall is not a macro. Besides, the reported error line is always the last line of the code. I search help from google and nothing useful I can get. And I never expect any error about cutilSafeCall or about macro before.

Can you help me take a loot at this error and provide some possible solutions to this error. The code is really long and the function is still very long. If you want to help me check it, I can post them in this poster.

Thanks for your help.

Your code contains a syntax error that causes the compiler to scan to the end of the file before it notices that there is a problem. Typical causes of such a scenario are missing closing parentheses, closing curly braces, or semicolons.

I would suggest restoring the code to the last working version (I assume you are using a revision control system), and then adding the new code carefully, possibly in multiple stages.

Thanks. I have already narrowed down the problem into several lines. Thanks for your help.