Mageia Kernel 4.9.38 - 340.102 drivers - nvidia.ko issue - Need a bit more advice


I am running Mageia Linux (Cauldron) and have kernel-desktop 4.9.38 installed which is Mageia’s latest and despite having found a solution before, I cannot remember all the steps I needed to do in order to deep six that Nouveau driver.

Here is what I did:

1. Blacklist it via /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-mga.conf
2. Created a file /etc/modprobe.d/ called ‘disable-module-nouveau’ - Per the nvidia FAQ

* blacklist nouveau
* options nouveau modset=0

3. Removed nouveau/nvidia - including x11-xxx, dkms, any others…including ‘nvidia’ files (except for two lib drm files…which would break the system)
4. Proceeded into: /usr/src/kernel-4.9.38-.xxxxx/ and looked for anything nvidia

* /lib/modules/kernel-4.3.38.xxxx/drivers/gpu/drm - no nvidia folder present
* /lib/modules/kernel-4.9.38.xxxx/video/fbdev/nvidia/ - Makefile only file present
* /lib/modules/kernel-4.9.38.xxxx/source/drivers/drm/ - nothing present
* /lib/modules/kernel-4.9.38.xxxx/source/drivers/gpu/ - nothing present
* /lib/modules/kernel-4.9.38.xxxx/kernel/drivers/video/fbdev/nvidia.ko.xz - I renamed it

5. Ran ‘dracut -force’ to update initramfs…disabling nouveau AND nvidiafb.ko.xz

Perhaps I did not run dracut properly or there is some other reference to something ‘nvidia’.

Now I remember there being something else I did with modules or grub2, however, i did not bother to write it down. I know that I did NOT patch a driver or anything like that.

The error I am getting is that it cannot find nvidia.ko upon compilation. I have the kernel-source, kernel-devel, and kernel-devel-latest and kernel-source-latest, etc. installed…all of course the same kernel version. I also have kernel version 4.9.39 installed and have NOT removed/modded any files from within that kernel. The error stated ‘this is usually due to incompatible kernel-source/devel files installed OR there is a reference to nvidia or nouveau still presenting itself’

Is there something else I need to do with grub2 or another file ? I know I am missing something here and it’s probably pretty obvious.

I’m sure installing the newest kernel for Mageia (4.3.39) and it’s source and devel files cannot be the issue as I am booting into the .38 kernel.

What I will do is remove the .38 kernel all together and proceed. Can anyone recommend any additional steps to take?



See this:
Talking about .101, don’t know if that has been fixed in .102