Magenta overlay on raw video

I recorder .raw files using recorder-qt tool. Whenever I try to replay these files from replayer tool or anywhere in the samples, also with drivenet, the video has a magenta overlay layer. Is there a way to white balance it, or a parameter that I need to pass to get rid of it?


May I know you are using camera version?
Could you try to run ./sample_camera_gmsl and ./sample_camera_gmsl_raw and compare it?
If RCCB camera, I guess it is expected behavior. Thanks.

Thank you for replying SteveNV! Sherlock app documentation made clear the Machine vision and Human vision for me, so it is normal behavior.


Yes, Sherlock User’s Guide Doc is very useful to understand the Machine vision and Human vision, please see /usr/local/driveworks-0.3/apps/sherlock/docs in HOST PC. Thanks.