MAGMA implementation

Has anybody on the forum put MAGMA on their TX1? There are a couple of threads on the magma forum but was curious if anybody here had done it. I’d love to hear anything form installing to tuning.


It looks like you’re referring to the mathematics software:

There’s also one for molecular animation:

The molecular animation one appears to be windows-only.

Although the mathematics magma has a Linux version, it is binary only (no source code). Probably because it has a non-free license (it’s still free to use for non-commercial use). Without the source it can’t be ported to ARMv7 or ARMv8a, so the software vendor would have to write the port to a Jetson.

The package is probably this one
It should install on Jetson TK1/TX1.

Haven’t tried it yet, but there’s also a Linux version of R that ships with MAGMA and PLASMA algebra libraries called HiPLAR: [url][/url]. There a post from 2013 about compiling MAGMA for ARM here: [url][/url].

Yes, sorry I should have been more specific about which magma. Yes, I’m referring to the link. briefly its the effort to port LAPACK onto a CPU/ GPU environment, but typically the desktop variant, not the embedded one.

Hoping to get back to the effort this afternoon…