Magneto dynamics (i.e. electromagnet)

Hi All!
I was wandering if anybody had any luck using Modulus to solve simple electro(magneto) dynamics problems. I have tried applying Modulus to a simple set-up of an electro-magnet (c-shaped iron core with copper windings on one side through which current j is applied all in 2D). In this setting Maxwell equations can be reduced to a Poisson equation with the current j being a “force” term. The trick is that the difference in magnetic permeability material properties between iron and air have to be encoded as a Neumann boundary condition to the border between air and iron. Of course we can add those to our loss, however I’m having problems getting the correct solution out. I think it is due to the fact that the magnetic permeability of iron is about 7000 more than that of air, so the boundary condition wants to enforce a normal gradient of the function to be about 7000 more steep on the iron side than on the air side and it fails.
Anyway I was just curious if anybody had any luck using Modulus for electromagnetics (special domain, not frequency domain)?