Major bug in saving

Hi Nick (well, think it’s you),

I forgot to report something I discovered before but which can be quite a nasty bug if you care for your DDS files.

If you export an image to a DDS file which already exists it asks you if you want to overwrite the file (before the texture tool window). If you click yes but press cancel in the texture tool itself it will render the .dds which already exist into a 0 bytes file.

Think an important one for a fix ;)

Kind regards,


That is something that I’d like fixed as well. It erases file data too soon

Hi Oscar and mrx1979,

Hope you’re doing well; we released Texture Tools Exporter version 2023.1.0 today, which now performs file backups! When you overwrite a file, we’ll now try to create a backup in the Windows temp directory, %LocalAppData%\Temp, and restore the file if you exit the plugin window without saving.

Thank you for the bug report, and hope this helps!

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