Major Jetpack bug?

We have several TK1s and TX1s and I was setting up a new TK1. After the flashing was complete, I hadn’t yet plugged the network cable into the TK1 and when the Post Installation process didn’t find it, it randomly connected to a TX1 I had on the same LAN and started doing stuff to it. I pretty much had to yank it’s network cable out so it’s installation wouldn’t be corrupted. Can the installer be changed to verify it’s connecting to the right device?

I can’t answer that question, but mostly what you’ll see on the network connection is install of packages such as CUDA. Actual operating system flash takes place only over the micro-B USB cable. Although it is possible settings and packages changed on your unintentional TK1 recipient, you’re safe from your own software and most of your settings being altered.

The issue can be solved by resetting the device after all components are installed to it.