Major problems when upgrading to 2.0r5 / 1.3

We recently tried to upgrade our project to 2.0r5 and nSight 1.3 with some major issues. The first was due to the name of our Solution Configuration in visual studio which was called Android, this ment when the upgrade renamed the Solution platform from ‘android’ to ‘tegra-android’ it incorrectly renamed our configuration name in the vcxproj etc as well. Manually editing these we found that the string that was ‘Android.Debug|Android’ was incorrectly upgradede to ‘Tegra-Android.Debug|Tegra-Android’. We did manage to fix this but it did involve alot of find/replace in files on all the project files.

The other issues we still havent got around yet is:

  1. The NVNDK folder seems to be missing from this install. I thought it was installed previously (It was in the root of my older NVPACK directory - this contained a 4.7.2 toolchain set for windows \NVPACK\NVNDK\android-ndk-r8d\toolchains\arm-linux-androideabi-4.7.2)
  2. We are having the fun with the undefined __dso_handle, but i think ive found a work around for that
  3. Nothing seems to link anymore. We had some libraries that had the full path in the linker->additional dependecies option, this no longer seemed to work. It seems to automatically add lib and .a either side of the fullpath and append this to the additional library directories. Even fixing this by putting all the paths in the Additional Library Directories means it then finds the files but then fails to find most functions etc at link time?

Any pointers would be great


The configuration name issue was fixed recently and the updated installer will be available soon. We have decided to cease NVNDK support, because at some point in the past it began to converge with Google’s NDK in terms of performance. Right now you should use the official NDK r8e with Nsight Tegra 1.3. The __dso_handle question was already raised here, it might be interesting for you to read the whole story:

I confirm the issue with the linker that you have mentioned, thanks for reporting it! We will fix that shortly and upload the latest installer. I will update this thread when it will be available.

As a workaround, you could try using the Linker Command Line, providing the full paths to the libraries in quotes, e.g.:
“C:\NVPACK\samples\two-libs\Tegra-Android\Debug\libs\armeabi\” -lGLESv1_CM

New Nsight Tegra release which fixes this issue is out, please use the TADP installer to get it.