Make deep learning great again

Got a new budget DL machine to celebrate Trump victory
The usual stuff, 6900k, Asus X99-E WS, 950 Pro, 4 x GTX 1080

You lucky dog.

Deep learning requires deep pockets. I am deeply impressed.

Where did you put the power supply? I would assume a 1300W variant.

Also given that it appears you used a single CPU with 40 PCI-E lanes, how does the host-device memory bandwidth look? Is one GPU at full x16 and the rest at x8? Curious how that is laid out given four GPUs.

The case is a Corsair Carbide Air 540, and the power supply is in the back chamber. I picked a Gold rated EVGA 1600w power supply for when Nvidia releases 1080 Ti next year. With deep learning it’s harder to utilize full efficiency of the cards so it will be more than enough.

The motherboard, Asus X99-E WS, has special PCIe switches that allow all four cards to run at x16 individually (but x10 amortized concurrently). This is even more important when using PCIe x4 M.2 SSDs like Samsung 950 Pro, as those cut into one of your PCIe slot’s lanes and make the card in that slot run in x4 speed without PCIe switches on the MB.

The whole build follows Nvidia DevBox’s part choices, which actually make good sense as explained above, but with minor effort you can save half of your money not buying directly from them.

It’s surprising how affordable such builds really are. Janet, you probably only needed to issue $4000 new reserve notes to build it.

I have the same motherboard for the quad PCIE x16 slots as well. I found that GPU heat becomes a problem before anything else, but I solved that by using a FT02 case that rotates the motherboard so the backplate exhaust is UPWARDS, with multiple large slow 180cm fans blowing up from the bottom of the case. This gives me good air cooling even for 24/7 GPU crunching, with no complexities of water loops.

Those FT02 cases have been GPU troopers. I bought two of them back in the days when I was running 3 red-hot GTX 295s, and I’ve used and reused them with every new machine update for the past 6 years. The only downside is the FT02 only has 7 backplate card slots, not 8, so you need a quick but inelegant dremel cut to support 4 double-wide cards.

And here I thought the head of the Federal Reserve is busy pondering a December rate hike …

Would you choose Samsung 970 PRO or rather Intel Optane 905P?