Make Jetson Nano SD /dev/root read-only


I would like to protect my SD card from being damaged by making the root fs read only to no avail so far. I tried some receipts from this forum, none of them worked with the latest pre-built SD image from Nvidia. Moreover, applying the patches to an older version of JP did NOT create me a RO fs, instead I still was able to write to /dev/root after reboot (see overlayfs for Jetson - #12 by juerg)

What am I missing?

hello foreverneilyoung,

here’s Jetson security feature, but it only support with eMMC.

I’m not sure, what model to purchase in order to get an eMMC version

Hi foreverneilyoung,

You can find different Jetson product info from: Buy the Latest Jetson Products | NVIDIA Developer
And here is the link for Jetson Nano module:
For orders of 100+ quantity, please talk with your distributor to share forecast and place the order.



And here is the link for Jetson Nano module:

If I read this correctly, then this is JUST THE MODULE, right? So if I would need to have both - the connections and the eMMC - I would have to purchase

  • 1 development kit for € 112
  • 1 of these modules for $ 129

and replace the module then, right? This would cost me more than € 220 for one module, right?

Only dev kits come with a carrier board, so yes, any eMMC model comes without a carrier board. You would have to buy a separate carrier board.

Is there any carrier board which you can recommend for productive use?

Usually customer design their custom carrier board to meet their product requirement, they can also contact with Jetson HW ecosystem partner to find the suitable one or get their board design service to custom one.
Here is partner product info as your reference: Jetson Partner Hardware Products | NVIDIA Developer

Hi foreverneilyoung -

If you’re looking for a carrier for Jetson Nano that has additional storage options, check out the Quark carrier. It comes supplied with a Micro SD slot. Another option would the the Photon carrier, that has a full size SD slot and an M.2 key for an NVMe.

Let me know if you have any questions!


@kayccc Arrow seems to completely unable to deliver at the moment. We are not able to purchase the eMMC module. Would you have links to other suppliers?

So via this can’t work?

…as I have heard from the guys doing the purchases. But this might work better.NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Production Module – Auvidea

Not sure why Arrow can’t deliver the eMMC module to you. may I know it’s location issue or others?

Germany or Italy should work IMO

You can choose destination on the Jetson buy page.

After choosing Germany and following link to Arrow page for Jetson Nano module, I see they have 1.227 in stock.

They don’t react, that is the problem ne was told.