Make menuconfig

Model : Jetson AGX
kernel version : 4.253


I couldn’t find it in maek menuconfg.

make menuconfig → Device Drivers → Network device support ???

I want to disable the Ethernet driver.

Just disable EQOS driver in tegra_defconfig. No need to use menu config.

We will use ksz9893 eth ic.

I am trying to add a driver to the kernel.

Disable existing eth ic driver in kernel

Just disable EQOS driver in tegra_defconfig.
Please tell me how to do it in detail.

make menuconfig → Device Drivers → Network device support

In the kernel source the file “tegra_defconfig” is always the starting configuration, and this is located at subdirectory “arch/arm64/configs/”. You could edit there to be “=n”.

I prefer “make nconfig” over “make menuconfig”. There is a symbol search function. Because the symbol is “CONFIG_EQOS” you could search for either “CONFIG_EQOS” or just “EQOS” and nconfig would show you where it is in the menu. This is actually safer than directly editing a config file since there is a possibility that disabling one feature might interfere with others (probably not in this case though).

Thank you. learned a lot

eqos is like disabling the entire network ?

I want to disable only the Ethernet device driver.

I currently want to disable the internet driver and enable another drive.

EQOS is the driver to that chipset class of hardware devices. This will disable the device, but not the rest of the network (unless that device is somehow required for the whole network, which it should not matter for in this case). There is no “internet driver” per se, but there are features in the kernel which could disable all networking, but this isn’t what you want, so disable of EQOS should work and allow you to add whatever other driver you want to enable.

Thank you.

I understood.

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