Make SGIE infer on full frame

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

Hardware Platform:- dGPU
DeepStream Version :- 6.2

I have this pipeline

elements_before_streammux → streammux → pgie (face_detector) → tracker → sgie (face recognizer) → sink

I want to transform it to

elements_before_streammux → streammux → pgie (face_detector) → tracker → sgie1 (person_detector) → sgie2 (face recognizer) → sink
(this is exactly what I want for my use case)

I want to make the sgie2 (face recognizer) work on pgie(face detector) and sgie1 on full frame. If I change the process-mode of sgie1 to work on full frame, will I still be able to get the obj_meta->parent pointer (object_meta of sgie1 → parent (pgie) ) ?? I want to be able to use the obj_meta->parent pointer.

Is that possible? If yes, How to do that ?

Your pipeline looks strange. Do you mean you want the person_detector’s result to be connected to the face_detector and face_recognizer 's results?

Why don’t you use the pipeline of “person_detector(PGIE)”->“face_detector(SGIE1)”->“face_recognizer(SGIE2)”?

Yes. I want to connect person detector after face detector. I tried the other way around, but face detection is primary task and If I connect person_detector->face_detector, I can loose faces because person_detector is not 100% accurate. I’m doing that because, I dont want to loose face detection.

I want to detect a person only if a face is detected.

Will your face_detector output the bbox for face or the bbox for the whole person?

face detector will output the bbox of face of a person

The face bbox is small, it will not be big enough for oerson_detector to find a whole person. So there is no connection between the person_detector and face_detector if you use the pipeline as face_detector->person_detector. The reasonable way is to improve the accuracy of the person_detector and use the correct pipeline.

okay, then we will go with this correct approach only. Thanks.

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