Make the Makefile about gst-dsexample

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**• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)GPU
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**• TensorRT Version7.1.1
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Dear professor:
I hope to use websocketpp in Deepstream. Here I am trying to add the head file of websocketpp in gst_dsexample. my step likes follow:
(1) I install the websocket in ubuntu 18.04. And the location is: /usr/include/websocketpp.
(2) I add the the path of websoket into the makefile of gst-dsexample in the LIBS: like follows;

LIBS := -shared -Wl,-no-undefined \
-L dsexample_lib -ldsexample \
-L/usr/local/cuda-$(CUDA_VER)/lib64/ -lcudart -ldl \
-lnppc -lnppig -lnpps -lnppicc -lnppidei \
-L$(LIB_INSTALL_DIR) -lnvdsgst_helper -lnvdsgst_meta -lnvds_meta -lnvbufsurface -lnvbufsurftransform\
-Wl,-rpath,$(LIB_INSTALL_DIR) \
-L/usr/include/websocketpp/ -lwebsocketpp

In the last line, I added websocketpp. And I make the file. There is worry.

" /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwebsocketpp".

what the problem ? If I hope to use websocketpp in deepstream, How could I do?

Thank you very much.

The linker cannot find the websocketpp dynamic library in the specified folder /usr/include/websocketpp, please double check.

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Thank you for your response. I got it and solved the problem.
At last I deleted the -lwebsocketpp as below


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